Lock Away The Monsters

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The poems in Lock Away The Monsters give a silly, funny glimpse into the stuff that occupies a child’s mind – monsters and robot parents, flies and ladybugs, even bullying and doing good deeds – and remind us all what it’s like to delight in our imaginations.

4 reviews for Lock Away The Monsters

  1. Sophia

    My 8-year-old daughter enjoys reading this book. I read a few of the poems to her class on mystery reader day. They found some of the poems very humorous.

  2. A Bentley

    What a fun book! Our daughter laughed aloud A LOT and took FREQUENT delight in reading us her favorite poems from it (over and over unfortunately). We went to the author’s website and discovered his new book, Do You Smell That? Which we also purchased and look forward to reading!

    In all, a great book. Gets them reading AND entertains them.

    My two cents? Buy it. They’ll like it.

  3. Guest Sarkar

    It’s the best poems for kids and adults!

  4. Kimberly R.

    I couldn’t be happier to own this book. A mixture of campy and fun poems as well as life lessons. This is a collection of great work, its innocence, and its fundamentally different way of looking at the world (as opposed to the way that adults view it). If you have a preteen in your household this might be just as good if not better than Chicken Soup For The Soul. Keep reading alive, put down that smart phone, and give this book a go.

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