Do You Smell That?

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Smells abound after lunch as Nick and Alex take a walk around Mr. Bailey’s Farm.
Do You Smell That? is full of surprises and will have the whole family laughing.

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11 reviews for Do You Smell That?

  1. Peter Rainey

    With colorful illustrations that leap from every page, this adorable children’s book is a laugh-out-loud adventure that will amuse both parents and children alike.

  2. Pj & Jake

    Very cute, funny and quick read for my 4 year old son! Our new bed time favorite 😊

  3. Bill D.

    Makes a great gift for boys and girls ages 2-99. The perfect silly bedtime story.
    Grab your copy today and start reading!

  4. A Lyon

    LOL! It Doesn’t Get Any Stinkier Than This!!
    I bought this book for my 6 year old grandson, since the topic has become one of his favorites. I look forward to the giggles and a fun time.

  5. Terry B

    My son loves this book and he’s only 2.5 years old. It’s a great book because he farts a lot! Recommend for kids!

  6. Jess

    What’s not to love about this book? The title says it all.

  7. Susan G

    Never considered flatulence a children’s book topic until I met the author in a chicken costume! I have a three-year-old who loves to laugh incessantly. He is going to love this book and I can’t wait to read it to him.

  8. Diana

    Just ordered a copy! The topic of breaking wind is always one that brings giggles where children are concerned. The illustrations are adorable. Do You Smell That? is sure to bring smiles and laughter to your little ones’ faces.

  9. Samantha B.

    I can’t wait to receive this book! I have three boys aged five, (twins), and two so this is right up our alley. The illustrations are cute. I recommend this book to children of all ages, as it really is quite innocent. We anticipate the giggles and laughter.

  10. J. Smith


  11. Barbara

    I just pre-ordered 2 books for my children after meeting the author at a café in New Windsor, New York and reading his advanced copy! I look forward to having my children meet him to sign their copies when the book comes out.
    Bravo Mr. Olsen!

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