Why Would Writers Want To Be In An Anthology?

Isn’t it better for an author to have his or her own published book? Yes, being the lone author of a book always affords recognition and financial benefits. However, there are a number of reasons why writers, even published ones, might want to consider being part of an anthology:

  • Less Effort. Self-publishing or getting published by a regular publishing house can be quite a project! An anthology only requires authors to submit a segment and leave those details to the editor and publisher. This allows authors to concentrate on creating their best work.
  • In Good Company. Some anthologies gather together top authors and experts. So to be included with recognized writers can afford less famous writers the benefit of being considered as on par with them.
  • Today’s Business Card. Being able to say, “I’m one of the authors of _____” can carry a lot of weight for writers who are seeking additional writing opportunities. The book becomes a great business card! It says that someone of note considered them and their work worthy to be included.
  • “I’m on Amazon.” Google isn’t the only place people look for writers and their work. Amazon is one of the Internet’s premier search engines, especially for people who want to buy! Being searchable on Amazon has its advantages. NOTE: Make sure the anthology lists ALL authors when they make the book for sale on Amazon. If they don’t plan to do that, then reconsider whether the project makes sense for you and your marketing objectives. As a side note, when you do become an author (of an anthology or your own book), get registered on Amazon’s Author Central to provide more information, links to websites and blogs, social media and more.